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Monique Dobbelaere 28 MAY 2016 SchoolArts H I G H S C H O O L T ed Hanson's TED talk Embrace the Shake is a story about one artist's journey working through creative block and limitations. It's well worth sharing with your students, and among other things, speaks to how this proj - ect came to be. Running low on art supplies with months yet to go in the school year led me to see a pile of shipping boxes bound for the recycling center as the foundation for a new project. Little did I know that this alternative surface would engage students and provide various learning opportuni- ties, all while giving card- board another life. Tracing Templates To begin, I gave my students 8½ x 11" (22 x 28 cm) pieces of cardboard and recycle symbol templates to trace. Students transferred the symbols onto the cardboard and experi- mented with how far they needed to cut the single-wall cardboard in order to peel the surface and reveal the cor- rugated layer beneath. We discovered that no matter how deep students cut into the cardboard, the top layer would peel, but not entirely. This left us to figure out how to create a "clean" corrugated THE ART OF CARDBOARD Carolanne O'Fee, Queen.

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