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32 APRIL 2016 SchoolArts APRIL 2016 SchoolArts 32 M I D D L E S C H O O L T hrough the ever-changing dynamics of adolescence, we, as art educators, can offer stu- dents both creative expression and the potential for personal reflec- tion. Adolescents tend to get bogged down in moments of uncertainty and insecurity. It is in art that we can open up the possibility for personal introspection so students realize the potential of a brighter future. We can begin a lesson with this goal by asking students open-ended questions about their futures, such as: What are your hopes and dreams for your future? Where do you see yourself in ten years? What changes do you think will happen over time? What kind of person do you hope to become? This concept evolved into an art problem that centered on build- ing handmade 3D clay vessels. The containers are intended to house a personal note or letter students would write to their future selves. This per- sonal note is encased in a small clay time capsule, intended to be opened only after ten or more years. Focus on Forms Students begin by reflecting on and writing about their hopes and dreams for the future. These notes will be kept until the time capsules are com- plete, then later edited and placed in the containers. Have students study and draw a variety of organic shapes found in nature. The focus in this lesson is on seedpods. Ask students to think about the question, "If you were a seed, what kind of container would you want to be encased in?" Encourage students to bring to class and share organic forms found in their area, as well as to research examples. Have them sketch and combine varied aspects of different organic shapes to create their own unique seed containers. Ken Vieth and Angela Mikula P R I L 2 0 1 6 S c h o o l A r t s & Hopes Dreams s

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