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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 21 of the clothing needed to be painted while worn by the subjects. Students used tempera paint on both their skin and on the objects. Tempera is nontoxic, so it shouldn't bother the skin, but for very sensitive skin or allergies you can use face paint or makeup. Students enjoyed placing their sub- jects in different environments and photographing them. They experi- mented with different backgrounds, went outside, and took dozens of pho- tos just to get the right one. Organization is key in this les- son, along with lots of face wash or baby wipes. Alexa Meade is a young, engaging artist to whom my students can easily relate, so I plan on keeping this successful lesson in the books. A special thank-you goes to my student- teacher, Laura. Lisa Beynon is an art teacher at Genoa- Kingston High School in Genoa, Illinois. lbeynon@ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Creating: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work. W E B L I N K meade?language =en

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