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February 2016

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Page 54 of 54 800•447•8192 Alliance for Young & Writers Artists Clay and Basket Fusion What if you combined a fred clay piece with basketmaking materials? This project starts with a hand-built or thrown clay base that has been modifed to accommodate the addition of reeds. Add soft wire, lanyard material, or yarn, and you've got a modern sculptural vessel! Visit to request a FREE catalog! Step 2: Add reed by threading it through the holes. Secure by tying with linen thread. Step 3: Weave the sides of the basket using yarn, hemp, wire, or other materials. Step 1: Make a hand-built or thrown base with holes punched at the rim. Fire. Request a FREE catalog! Combine a fred clay pot with reeds and other materials to create a vessel that fuses two ancient traditions! Lesson Plan for Grades 5-12

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