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February 2016

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30 FEBRUARY 2016 SchoolArts paint. I was inspired by one of my students who told me Pol - lock's paintings look like a pigsty. I thought aloud with students, "I bet pigs would love a Pollock paint- ing in their home!" Crushed-Can Pigs Next, students used crushed soda cans to create pig forms. To prepare the cans, I removed the tabs and crushed each can by slightly squeez - ing the middle and then stepping on the can to almost flatten it. I tried to leave the top of the can so that the opening would become the mouth of Painting Like Pollock I introduced Pollock's art by sharing reproductions of his paintings. My preschool artists started out by cre- ating paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock. Using a cardboard box tray as a backsplash, they put another flat piece of cardboard inside as a canvas. With a paintbrush and liquid tempera paint, they splashed the paint onto the cardboard like Pollock. Some stu- dents splashed paint by tapping the paintbrush on the edge of the box or flicking the wrist; others danced the brush over the board, allowing the paint to drip naturally off the brush. We then looked for shapes, ani- mals, or images within the splatters of M aking connections between artists, tech - niques, styles, and the interests of early child - hood students is an important part of how I teach art. The young artists fea - tured in this lesson experienced paint- ing with new techniques inspired by Jackson Pollock, and reimagined his style into their own Pollock pigsties. Jackson Pollock helped to develop a new form of painting called Abstract Expressionism. He used paintbrushes and sticks to drip paint across his canvases. His work can be seen in museums, galleries, and col - lections around the world, and his style has many admirers. E A R L Y C H I L D H O O D Aileen Pugliese Castro Pollock Pigsties Jocelyn Kee Ryan Cheah 30 FEBRUARY 2016 SchoolArts

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