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20 FEBRUARY 2016 SchoolArts E L E M E N T A R Y ensure that the next Industrial Revolu- tion in manufacturing will happen in America. We can get that done." Turning My Dream into Reality Inspired to "get that done," I immedi- ately completed the grant application and published it to social media. The project was fully funded within an hour! Just two weeks later, a shiny new 3D printer arrived at my school. It was at that moment that the dream became real, but I still had some ques - tions to answer: What did I know about 3D printing? How would it mesh with the visual art curriculum? How would I teach my students about this? The MiscoeMakerCrew I recruited twelve students in grades five through eight to learn along with me and named them the MiscoeMak - erCrew. I began exploring apps and programs to design models and met with the MiscoeMakerCrew after school one day each week. I teach in a 1:1 iPad school, which means every student has an Apple iPad. I wanted to utilize iPads for the design work, but struggled to find a way. We tried a web- based CAD (computer-aided design) IN THE ARTROOM Alice Gentili 3D Y ou can find 3D printers just about everywhere these days. In the artroom, 3D printing and designing models for 3D printing are natural additions to the curriculum. I first discovered 3D printing in November of 2013 after I learned of a grant initiative to put a 3D printer in every school in America. This came in response to President Barack Obama's initiative to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. The presi - dent affirmed, "3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. We must

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