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February 2016

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banding wheel bisqueware calipers cmc gum compressing the rim bisqueware cone chart banding wheel faceting kiln wash matte, satin, and gloss mishima paddling compressing the rim rib rutile scoring sgraffito cutting off cmc gum cmc gum cmc gum cmc gum cmc gum cmc gum cmc gum silica sgraffito cobalt Oxidation and Reduction Kiln atmosphere, either with a sufcient amount of oxygen for fuel combustion (oxidation), or an insufcient amount of oxygen for fuel combustion (reduction). Atmoshere can have drastic efects on clay and glaze surfaces. Check out our calipers cone chart wash banding wheel calipers cone chart kiln wash scoring cone chart wash wash wash wash Glossary everything you need to teach ceramics colorant MISHIMA flux handbuilding methods leather hard clay paper resist flux colorant porosity pyrometric cones refractory slip, engobe, underglaze slip trailing water etching wax resist shivering sprigging water etching water etching water etching water etching resist peep oxidation and reduction oxide oxide melting point refractory refractory water etching

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