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December 2015

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Introduce rich, academic, oral vocabulary through engaging discussions about dazzling fne art and real-world photos. No worksheets or drills. Just 20–40 minutes a da , for just 2–4 da s a week an ou will see improved vocabular and comprehension in all of our students, regardless of their decoding skills! High-level, academic vocabulary to improve comprehension Discussions4Learning enriches the language arts curriculum with high-level vocabular . Explicit review of previously learned vocabulary Words are revisited in context in subsequent weeks as students discuss thought-provoking images. Authentic, engaging contexts for language development Images from around the globe and across time serve as authentic, engaging contexts for language learning. Fine art and cross-curricular connections Infuse fne art while reinforcing ke oncepts across the curriculum through brilliant, compelling images. The Difference D avis Public a ti o ns 50 Por t l and S tr eet Worcester , MA 01 608 • Di sc ussi o n s 4L ear ni ng. com • I SBN 978-1 - 6 15 28- 0 85-8 • © 201 2 D a vi s P ub lication s , I nc. All ri ght s reser ve d . This C D m ay not be c op i e d w i thou t w ritten per mis s i on fro m t he p u blisher . LeveL B 48 fne art images 48 real-world photos Learning Discussions Requires Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® or PowerPoint ® viewer Davis Publications | website | phone 800-533-2847 | e-mail Get FREE sample lessons and images at with Discussions4Learning Raise the Vocabulary Bar VocabulArte, the Spanish edition of Discussions4Learning. Go to NEW!

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