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34 OCTOBER 2015 SchoolArts RETHINKING THE H I G H S C H O O L T he whimsical, humorous, sculptural possibilities of cookie jars makes this one of my favorite ceramic assign- ments. Each time I teach this lesson I'm amazed by the variety of designs that students develop, as well as the range of shapes that they engineer. The cookie jar combines a realistic 3D form with the artistry needed to create a functional container. Plus, it holds something delicious. History The cookie jar dates back to 1700s England when they were first made from glass. In the United States, slip-cast ceramic cookie jars reached their peak popularity in the mid-twentieth century, when the shapes reflected a wide range of characters from popular culture. The 1988 estate auction of Andy Warhol's collection of 175 cookie jars brought public attention to this expressive art form. Besides the cultural images used for cookie jars, there are also phrases about cookies and cookie jars that can provide students with pos- sible design ideas. Design Criteria In my high-school ceramics class, I begin the lesson by having students list forms and Ellen Mahoney Cookie Kenneth Kang, Chicken or the Egg. Jar

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