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October 2015

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RESPOND, CREATE, AND PRESENT Begin by introducing students to the concept of art as play, as described in the introduction. Next, share examples of Max Lehman's artwork, including Dawn in the House of Knives, Red Skeleton with Black Birds, and Fall Bunny. Ask students to respond to these works in one of the following ways: Beginner/ Intermediate 1. Write or draw a short narrative about the crea- tures in Lehman's artworks. What are their names? Where are they? What might they be doing? When completed, have students share their narratives with the students at their table. 2. As a group, redraw or create a 2D collage of each creature. Cut them out and attach a ruler or large craft stick to the back to create a sim- ple puppet. Next, have each group plan a short puppet show based on their interpretations of Lehman's artwork and perform it for the class. After each performance, have students in the audience summarize the puppet show, includ- ing character names and events. Intermediate/ Advanced 1. Ask students to create a response to art as play. Ask, "How can you create an artwork that best represents your personal interpretation of play? Will it be a static 2D or 3D artwork that repre - sents the idea of play? An interactive piece that requires viewer participation? A collaboration?" 2. Have students create a plan for their artwork in their sketchbooks. Each plan should include a brief description of the artwork, a list of materials, and any other relevant informa- tion about their piece, such as location of the installation or interactive performance. Going Further Consider planning an "Art as Play" festival that includes your entire school, district, or even community. Student artworks could be displayed along with interactive art events, collaborative experiences, and hybrid art/athletic—or "artlet- ics"—games. Be sure to document the festival with photography and video, and invite local dignitaries and the press. Written by Karl Cole, curator of images at Davis Publications and Robb Sandagata, digital product man- ager at Davis Publications. RESOURCES Max Lehman: L O O K I N G & L E A R N I N G "Skeletons are a recurring theme in m ork. M ascination with skeletons is primaril rom exposure to Mexican culture and immersion in the Punk music scene. I do not see skeletons as representations of death." —Max Lehman 28 OCTOBER 2015 SchoolArts Max Lehman, Dawn in the House of Knives, 2014. Low-fired earthenware with glaze; 57 x 28" (143 x 71 cm). Image courtesy of the artist.

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