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October 2015

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22 OCTOBER 2015 SchoolArts E L E M E N T A R Y H ave you ever wondered why you keep boxes of random bottle caps, buttons, drink- ing straws, sticks, ribbon, pill bottles, puzzle pieces, marbles, and other silly items? This sculpture project will have you doing a happy dance when you clean out your closet and recycle those items into a fun and colorful 3D portrait project. We got our inspiration from por- traits by Pablo Picasso and contem- porary artist Kimmy Cantrell. First, we viewed examples of work by both artists. We discussed what was real- istic about their artworks and what was abstract, and we compared and contrasted artworks with a Venn dia- gram. Sketching and Planning Have students begin by sketching and coloring a cubist face so they have a good plan before starting the 3D proj- ect. Have pre-cut shapes of cardboard and/or foam-core ready—some large and some small. The finished size of the project can be as large as you wish. Older grades could cut out their own shapes. After sketches are complete, each student chooses one large and several small pre-cut shapes. Students glue small pieces in a cubist arrangement to the large piece with white school glue. Details and color "sections" can be drawn in with pencil. Painting We have a good color review at this point of primary, secondary, tint, shade, and complementary colors. Next, have students paint all of the parts. I have used acrylic paint to get Donna Staten PERSONALITIES Playful

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