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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 37 watercolor technique matched best with each cell part. We discussed techniques such as wet-on-wet and wax resist. Students continued with their work by filling in the cell draw- ings with their chosen techniques, then outlining with black permanent marker when dry. Art and Science Collaboration To extend this activity, students photographed their completed cell model drawings with their iPads and sent the photos to their science class critique partners through our learn- ing management system. Partners in science class were asked to record a short, on-screen video of themselves labeling the cell model parts. Critique partners were also asked to provide some feedback about what parts of the work were most successful, what they might consider changing, and any questions they may have about the work. The finished videos were shared with the artists to verify the accuracy of the original illustration, as well as gain insight from their partner's feedback. Combining grade-level science standards with current art educa- tion concepts isn't always easy, but when you strike the right balance, the results are wonderfully engaging and can help students deepen their understanding of both art skills and other content knowledge. Consider using a concept like watercolor cell illustrations next time you are look- ing to infuse more STEAM into your curriculum. Tracy Hare is the seventh- and eighth- grade art teacher at Becker Middle School in Becker, Minnesota. Jenn Feierabend is the seventh-grade science teacher at Becker Middle School in Becker, Minnesota. N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Connecting: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context. W E B L I N K tion/cell-biology.html Combining mitochondria and ribosomes with watercolor techniques produces a show-stopping project that highlights the wonder of watercolor painting with the fundamentals of organelle identification. Cody Berthiaume, grade eight.

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