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34 SEPTEMBER 2015 SchoolArts Advantages of Film Taking photographs with film has the advantage of slowing students down and encouraging them to think before shooting. Cameras using film can be less expensive, especially if you don't have the funds to get com - puters or cameras for each student in class. The use of a film camera helps one better understand the entire pro - cess of the traditional method of tak- ing photographs. Students can even build their own cameras (such as pin - hole cameras). Using film-processing methods, students have control over composing, exposing, and focusing their photographs. Advantages of Digital Every shot with a film camera is important because there are a lim - ited number of images that can I n Studio Thinking 2: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education, Lois Hetland and her co-authors state that, ". . . the most obvious Studio Habit of Mind is Craft." Teach- ing students about the craft of film photography and how to use a dark- room definitely applies to the studio habits of mind. In fact, traditional methods can be enhanced by or com- bined with digital processes to create meaningful artworks. Both digital and film cameras use a basic optical system (a lens), and learning to master this system is of great educational value for students. While both types of photography have advantages, disadvantages, and simi- larities, using film, a darkroom, and all the equipment in the darkroom teaches a different, less common set of studio practices for students. be taken on a roll of film. Taking photographs with a digital camera, however, is usually inexpensive and students can take multiple shots and erase them if desired. The initial price of the digital camera may be expensive, but the images are free. There's no waiting period of devel - oping your film or having a vendor do it for you, and sharing is usually easy. On the other hand, film images can't be shared with family and friends unless they are scanned and uploaded. Once students understand the advantages and disadvantages of The more creative control a student has, the more he or she can master taking photographs. Bernard Young FILM PHOTOGRAPHY? TEACH W HY A L L L E V E L S

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