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May-June 2015

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McKinney, Mylinda. Oct., p. 9 (CC) McReynolds, Leslie. Feb., p. 8 (ADV) Miller, Melissa. May/June, p. 32 Montague, Juliette. Aug./Sept., p. 9 (CC), p. 39 Navarro, Laurie. Oct., p. 38 Nesson, Jennifer. Nov., p. 38 Neucollins, Tempest. Feb., p. 30 O'Regan, Betty. Aug./Sept., p. 18 (MA) Purcell, John. Dec., p. 23; Mar., p. 40 Reeker, Bob. Jan., p. 26 Roberts, Neal. Oct., p. 34 Rubin, Leah. Mar., p. 38 Sachs, Linda. Oct., p. 20 Saldana, Annette. Apr., p. 9 (CC) Salia, Hannah. Aug./Sept., p. 25 Sandagata, Robb. Aug./Sept., p. 27 (LL); Oct., p. 23 (LL); Nov., p. 23 (LL); Dec, p. 23 (LL); Jan., p. 21 (LL); Feb., p. 21 (LL); Mar., p. 29 (LL); May/June, p. 23 (LL) Sands, Ian. Feb., p. 12 (MA), p. 15 Schumaker, Ben. Dec., p. 14 (FI) Schwartz, Joe. Apr., p. 38 Shafton, Helen. Aug./Sept., p. 16 (ASM) Stamm, Kim. Mar., p. 42 Stephens, Cassie. Apr., p. 22 Stephens, Pam. Nov., p. 9 (CC); Dec., p. 9 (CC); Mar., p. 9 (CC), p. 26 Suitor, Cheryl. Dec., p. 17 Sullivan, Leslie. Dec., p. 38 Sweeney, Christopher. Oct., p. 30 Tam, Jeff. Dec., p. 30 Taylor, Kimberly. Mar., p. 9 (CC) Toole, Julie. Mar., p. 14 (POV) Vande Zande, Robin. Apr., p. 16 (POV) Vatsky, Sharon. Nov., p. 12 (POV) Venola, Penelope. Jan., p. 25 Vieth, Ken. Nov., p. 27; May/June, p. 14 (POV) Voigt, Julie. Feb., p. 25 Voyvodich, Eleanor. Oct., p. 17 Waddington, Susan. Aug./Sept., p. 8 (FI); Apr., p. 32 Wade, Wyatt. Apr., p. 27 (LL) Walkup, Nancy. Nov., p. 32; p. 42; Apr., p. 42; May/June, p. 9 (CC) Ward, Rosy. Feb., p. 18 Warwick, Sharon. Aug./Sept., p. 36 White, John Howell. Nov., p. 34 Cross, Amanda. Apr., p. 9 (CC) Day, Pam Stodghill. Oct., p. 27 DeSimone, Jana. Mar., p. 21 Devitt, Amanda. Feb., p. 26 DiJulio, Betsy. Aug./Sept., p. 32; Jan., p. 9 (CC), p. 28; May/June, p. 9 (CC) Douglas, Katherine. Mar., p. 14 (POV) Eckhoff, Angela. Dec., p. 9 (CC) Edinger, Ted. Aug./Sept., p. 42 Eiken, Renee. Aug./Sept., p. 31 Emmerson, Kim. Jan., p. 30 Erickson, Mary. May/June, p. 12 (MM) Fontes, Kris. Apr., p. 36 Frambes, Hilary. Aug./Sept., p. 40 Franklin, Ranella. Mar., p. 18 (MIN) Furniss, Gillian J. Dec., p. 12 (MIN) Galing, Jean-Marie. Mar., p. 12 (ASM) Gates, Leslie. Feb., p. 26 Gaub, Cynthia. Jan., p. 9 (CC); Feb., p. 9 (CC); Apr., p. 12 (ASM) Gibbons, Eric. Dec., p. 8 (ADV); Jan., p. 8 (ADV); Mar., p. 33 Giordano, Kari. Apr., p. 24 Golding, Claire Mowbray. Apr., p. 27 (LL) Grafe, Christine. Nov., p. 17 Graham, Kathy Raines. Jan., p. 32 Gran, David. Aug./Sept., p. 26 (ART); Oct., p. 22 (ART); Nov., p. 22 (ART); Dec., p. 22 (ART); Jan., p. 20 (ART); Feb., p. 20 (ART); Mar., p. 28 (ART); Apr., p. 26 (ART); May/June, p. 22 (ART) Hahn, Nic. Aug./Sept., p. 9 (CC) Hales, Laura. May/June, p. 12 (MM) Hartman, Jennifer. Nov., p. 30 Hayden, Justin. Jan., p. 15 Heidt, Garreth. Apr., p. 40 Hetland, Lois. Nov., p. 20 Hinshaw, Craig. Jan., p. 9 (CC); p. 18; Mar., p. 44; May/June, p. 30 Horst, Carol. Dec., p. 27; Feb., p. 28; May/ June, p. 36 Horton, Nancy Grace. Jan., p. 30 Hronkin, Melissa. Mar., p. 8 (ADV) Hubbert, Beth. May/June, p. 34 Hulse, Grace. May/June, p. 17 Hunter-Doniger, Tracey. Aug./Sept., p. 14 (POV) Juarez, Frank. Mar., p. 9 (CC) Katter, Eldon. Aug./Sept., p. 12 (ADV); Oct., p. 8 (ADV); Nov., p. 8 (ADV) Klenow, Trish. Nov., p. 9 (CC) Kline, Judson A. Apr., p. 8 (ADV) Knab, Thom. Mar., p. 8 (ADV) Koonlaba, Amanda. Oct., p. 9 (CC) Krippendorf, Ryan. Oct., p. 38 LaCour, Melissa. Aug./Sept., p. 9 (CC); Oct., p. 9 (CC) Libby, Wendy. Oct., p. 32 Lopez, Ann Horton. Oct., p. 12 (MIN) Lord, Stacy. Aug./Sept., p. 34; Feb., p. 32 Mack, Melissa. Apr., p. 9 (CC) Martinez, Ashley. Aug./Sept., p. 9 (CC) Mazur, Matt. May/June, p. 9 (CC) 45 I M A G I N E How much you would save if your kiln lasted 20 years. with L&L Patented Hard Ceramic Element Holders L&L Easy-Fire Kilns durability means much longer kiln life. Hard ceramic element holders, protected thermocouples, super- strong stands, solid peephole plugs, automatic zone control, pull-down panel, easy-to-change elements, and unparalleled tech support. h o t k i l n s . c o m / e a s y - f i r e To l l F r e e : 8 8 8 . 6 8 4 . 3 2 3 2 Call for articles SchoolArts needs your early childhood and middle school level lesson plans! Visit WritersGuidelines for writer's guidlines and submisison info. REMOVES WET & DRY OIL PAINT "The Masters" ® Brush Cleaner and Preserver removes wet and dry oil paint, acrylics, alkyds, watercolor, gouache, stains, and more! Water makes it work - no solvents! 24 oz Tub is the Perfect Size for Classroom & Studio C l e a n e r MADE IN THE USA General Pencil Company, Inc. PO Box 5311 ∙ Redwood City, CA 94063

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