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May-June 2015

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36 SchoolArts High School Studio Lesson Creating a Zine This project is wonderfully open- ended: Students can include words, tell a story, express personal interests, work with abstraction, add comics, integrate magazine pictures, and explore any theme they choose. Students began by folding stan- dard printer paper into a booklet that requires no binding, then they marked the pages so they could remember which were the front and back covers, and which was the top of each page. This paper was for sketching—final designs were redrawn or traced onto a fresh sheet using black pen. Students also had to remember to leave a ¼" (0.6 cm) border around the edge, as standard copy machines crop slightly. Sharing with the Class When the drawings were complete, I photocopied a class set of each book O ne of the best things about teaching art is that through informal interac- tion during project time the classroom can become a commu- nity, and the smaller groups that work closely together daily can become a kind of family. Some classes bond more closely than others. Recently I had a class that became especially close, but unfortunately there were too few days at the end of the year to begin a big project, so I had the perfect opportunity to give this tight-knit group the experience of creating their first "zine," and also start their first art collection. After explaining the history of zines (short for magazine or "fanzine"), we discussed their appeal. They are repro - ducible, inexpensive, extremely adapt- able to almost any idea, and can be shared and collected easily. Examples of zines are plentiful online. Carol Horst WITH FRIENDS ZINES Continued on next page. How to Make a Zine

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