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34 SchoolArts Early Childhood Studio Lesson folk art would become a subject for study in my second-grade artroom. Clementine Hunter I first learned about Clementine Hunter during a tour of Melrose Plan- tation, located just outside the parish limits of Natchitoches. The overall history of the plantation is intrigu- ing, but what sparked my interest was Africa House, a small building behind T ravels outside of the classroom can provide stimulus for study in the classroom. This is true for both students and teachers. Every time I go on a trip, I discover an object or artist that can easily be connected to my classroom. Such a discovery happened last spring break when I traveled to Natchitoches, Loui- siana, and learned about folk artist Clementine Hunter. Hunter and her Beth Hubbert Memory Pictures the property's main house. Africa House contains Hunter's murals, which depict life on Melrose Planta- tion and the Cane River. Clementine Hunter was born and raised in Natchitoches and spent much of her life living and working on Melrose Plantation. A self-taught artist, Hunter painted on whatever she could find, including common objects such as discarded milk jugs, scraps of Megan Lynch, grade two.

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