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May-June 2015

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32 SchoolArts Middle School Studio Lesson I n drawing assignment after draw- ing assignment, my students struggled with applying line quality, so their drawings lacked value, texture, and movement. Even after showing examples of drawings with great line quality and having lengthy discussions about line, stu - Expressive dents repeatedly struggled with appli- cation and often became discouraged. I knew it was time to expose them to the element of line in a new and exciting way. I began by introducing the work of Vincent van Gogh. I knew most stu - dents were familiar with this artist and would be motivated to take part in a discussion about his work. The Starry Night I asked students to describe what they saw in van Gogh's iconic painting, The Starry Night. I asked them to focus on the sky and describe how van LANDSCAPES Nikita Boris, grade eight. Melissa Miller

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