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May-June 2015

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Page 33 of 54 29 rice paper, newspaper, cheesecloth, and more. There are transparent grounds, semitransparent, opaque, and adhesive grounds. Usually students will coat the substrate with a digi- tal ground before feeding it into the printer. Printable Surfaces There are many new papers and fab- rics being made printable that used to be too fragile or too thick. Fab - rics—such as canvas, organza, silk, and cotton—can be fed directly into the printer. Some of these can even be purchased paper-backed on a roll or in sheet form. Once the ink is dry, the fabric is simply peeled from the paper backing. It can then be embellished in all the ways one might choose to embellish fabric. Sometimes simple is good, so try brown butcher paper or some of the beautiful art papers that can transform the ordinary photo into an extraordinary work of art. Using books, sheet music, or other materials and altering them through digital means is also a great point of departure. Embracing Divergence The thinking and creativity involved in this process make this one of my students' favorite units. The unit chal- lenges me as an instructor, too. As students pursue divergent directions, I act as a cheerleader, coaxing them through failures and helping them be patient and persistent in creating a final work of art. Experimentation is inherent in this unit. It can be painful, but the mar- riage of new media with old produces exciting results that have students cheering their peers on when a trans- fer works particularly well, or when the substrate they've just created from cheesecloth and collage becomes a gorgeously layered work of art. Stu- dents increase their artistic aesthetic and learn that there is much more to producing a print than just a few clicks of a mouse. Jeanne Bjork is a visual art educator and department head at Pewaukee High School in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. bjorjea@ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Creating: conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work. W E B L I N K uploads/2/2/0/1/22019648/_waea_ handout.pdf Madison Schaefer.

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