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April 2015

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24 April 2015 SchoolArts I was recently a guest at a family friend's sixteenth birthday party. The gathering was pretty clearly divided, with the adults congre - gating in one area and the teenagers chatting away in another. My husband remarked on how rarely he is exposed to this age group and how quickly one can forget what it's like to be a teen - ager. I snickered (as I often do when I want him to know how challenging my job is), and I thought how different a high-school teacher's world is from that of other professionals. High-School Quirks Those of us who work in high schools become used to the quirky behaviors of teenagers. I truly enjoy teaching this age group, and while most of the time I have patience for the stubborn- ness they throw at me, over the years I have noticed that many high-school- aged students have difficulty under- standing and showing gratitude. I hold the door open for them; they walk through without saying anything. I hand out paper with really A r t s Kari Giordano High School Studio Lesson CARDS Gratitude

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