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March 2015

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@ R + Two Invitations from the Student Creative 28 March 2015 SchoolArts David Gran Upon completion, submitted works will be considered for inclusion in our sixth volume of student work, and BOT will be added to the archive of Student Creative art books. As always, all profits from the books will directly benefit the Jacaranda School for AIDS orphans in Malawi, Africa. Sketches of the City Our second project, Sketches of the City, is the first collaborative video project from the Student Creative. Film composer Rolf Becker has been writing music for films in Germany, China, and the United States for many years. Writing for film is his passion, but he had a vision to create a project that would turn the paradigm of film composition around. S ketches of the City is a twelve- part suite about the daily life of a city. Becker describes his original concep- tion of the suite as a love song to his adopted home of Shanghai, but he eventually realized it could be about any city. The first movements of the suite are about the city waking up, and the movements that follow cap- F or the past five years, the Student Creative ( StudentCre- ) has invited you and your students to participate in global art-making challenges. This year, the brains behind Paint the World With Light, Float, MyThology, Surrealistic Me, and 5ive bring you not one, but two entirely new projects. BOT Do you dream of electric sheep? Our sixth project, called BOT, challenges students to create robot oriented—or assisted—artwork. Draw, paint, sculpt, build, photograph, animate, film, or record a mechanized transformation of your own life. Will you power-up your normal life into something super sci- fi? Will you transform into something magically mechanical? Perhaps robots or mechanical assistants will help you create your product. Will a video drone help you shoot your story? Will a 3D Printer build your minions? The only limitation for this project is that stu - dents consider the digital and mecha- nized world around them to envision a n ew reality. ture the busy day, culminating in the awakening of the nightlife. Becker invites students to use these move- ments as inspiration to participate in this global project. Sketches of the City challenges students to capture images of their own cities. It inspires them to cap - ture all the beauty—as well as all of the sadness—that their city has to offer. E ach one of the twelve movements will have a different theme and visual style. For example, the move - ment entitled "Old and New" will c apture juxtaposed images of older classical remnants of a city against the polished and shiny modern build - ings. "At the Playground" will fea- ture children who move to a beat, and " Nightlife" will reintroduce a classic Student Creative favorite activity: light painting. Once the filming is complete, we will assemble a final cut, which will include a series of twelve montages made from participating schools in cities around the world. These mon- tages will accompany Becker's suite as performed by a big band orchestra. Get Started Now Both projects begin now. BOT will conclude on May 30, 2015, and Sketches of the City will film in three phases. Filming can be conducted in spring, summer, and/or fall. The final project will be completed in winter 2015. F or more information about how to get your students involved in BOT and Sketches of the City, please visit the Student Creative online at Student- David Gran teaches high school art and film classes at the Shanghai American School in China and is the author of The Carrot Revolution, a blog about twenty- first century art education. carrotrevolu-

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