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March 2015

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Page 35 of 70 27 Materials • 4 x 8' sheets of 1" (2.54 cm) medium densit iberboard (MDF) • black markers • cutting tools • 48" (122 cm) wide muslin • oil-based black relief-printing ink • petroleum jel • tape measure • painter's tape • clothesline and clothespins • tables and inking plates • large hand-inking rollers • carpet padding • barens (optional) • asphalt roller (rented or borrowed) and cautiously placed it within the marked registers of the parking lot. Another team of students placed a sheet of muslin over the inked block and held the cloth taut, and a third team placed a layer of carpet padding over the muslin. Firing up the Roller At last the asphalt roller was started. Anticipation grew as the roller slowly moved forward and backward over the block. Student teams returned to the block, removed the carpet padding, and, amidst cheers from the crowd, lifted the first print, which was then draped on the clothesline to dry. This process was repeated throughout the day. Each block was printed multiple times so all students would have at least one print for a portfolio, one for an upcoming exhibition, and one to sell or give away. Pam Stephens is a member of the SchoolArts advisory board and is professor of art educa- tion at Northern Arizona University, Flag- staff. Shantelle Kotowich is a senior with a dou- ble major in art education and studio art at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff. SRK86 @ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Presenting: Interpreting and sharing artistic work. W E B L I N K print-project-steps-tips

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