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March 2015

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Art á la Cart I named my contraption Art á la Cart and turned what started out as a challenge into a cart of possibili - ties. Students vied for the privilege of pushing the cart to the next class - room—a coveted tradition that lasted four years. During my last year at Forest Hills I was given my own classroom. In the corner sat my beloved art cart, used for supplies and for trips outdoors with students. I admit that, although I was delighted to have a room, I often missed all the fun of Art á la Cart. So, all you art cart teachers out there: Dress up your cart and create your own traveling art show. Marianne Bickett is a retired art teacher and the author of Leonardo and the Magic Art Cart (Trafford, 2013). M A N A G I N G T H E A R T R O O M Art Cart Tales ing hot dogs. The epiphany came after these encounters: Why not dress up the art cart like a traveling art gallery? Why not think "outside the cart"? I quickly learned about stocking the cart with supplies and making the best use of the limited space. I covered the front and sides of the cart with colorful cardboard, leaving the back open for access to supplies. In the front of the cart, I would place an "artist of the month" poster. The sides of the cart were for children's art. I would select an "art class of the month," and my students' art would be displayed on the art cart. On top of the cart, I placed dolls and flowers and other fun objects that related to the seasons and art topics. It was truly a traveling gallery! W hen I first accepted a part-time position at Forest Hills Elementary School, I had no idea that it would change my life. Being used to having my own classroom for so many years, it was quite unsettling to learn that my "classroom" would be none other than . . . an art cart. A Traveling Gallery A serendipitous encounter with a few students triggered an idea that would open up a whole new world. During my first week pushing an art cart from room to room, a few friendly students asked if I was the ice-cream lady. I laughed and said that perhaps I should also sell ice cream. Another time, a little boy asked me if I was sell - Marianne Bickett Why not dress up the art cart like a traveling art gallery? 16 March 2015 SchoolArts

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