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February 2015

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consider that principle when generat- ing ideas for an upcoming project. From there, students created line drawings in their sketchbooks that demonstrated emphasis and incorpo - rated hatching. When the drawings were com - plete, we had short group critiques wherein students discussed the han - dling of both the image and the use of hatching. At this point, I decided to let them in on the mural idea, and, Before you walk away from your mural fantasy, consider what can be created using a simple roll of mask - ing tape. Intricate designs that incor- porate both line quality and variation can be achieved with this inexpensive and readily available material. Best of all, getting your design approved will go more smoothly when you explain that it isn't permanent. The Skill of Hatching When my new semester of students at Apex High School took their seats, I knew I wanted to introduce them to the concept of hatching. We looked at a few examples and tried our hand at hatching techniques in our sketch - books. Though practicing hatching techniques is beneficial, my secret goal was to see if students could transfer the concept to other proj - ects—in particular, a tape mural. Starting with a Theme I like to start with a theme with many of my projects. This time, I decided to see what themes my students would come up with. I reminded them about a previous les - son on emphasis and asked them to as predicted, they were more than excited about the opportunity. I asked them to decide which sketches they thought would work well as murals. Masking Tape Murals I believe it's important for students to make choices and decisions about both art and life, so I left it up to them to form teams and decide which sketches would be used as a map for their murals. Working with tape can 16 SchoolArts

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