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January 2015

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Page 35 of 50 31 was practicing the drums. "I thought about the entire thing as a sequence," he said. "I thought about it as my day, how I go about doing things." Multi-Level Adaptations Younger students engaged in the mak- ing of cyanotypes, a photographic print process popular with engineers in the nineteenth century. These prints are made by placing objects on a UV-sensitive surface and exposing them to sunlight. First- and second- graders collaborated by laying animal skulls from the science class on large pieces of fabric. Students also created individual pieces on small sheets of paper. Third- and fourth-graders were instructed to photograph nouns, and sixth-graders were given the theme of "In Plain Sight," which focused on photographing people, places, and things, and finding letters in the ordi- nary. Both of these assignments incor- porated teaching students how to take better pictures by considering angles and backgrounds. Connections Within the school community, teach- ers themselves were inspired to start using digital cameras in their class- rooms. Several classrooms now have a class blog where students can contrib- ute their work. One sixth-grade teacher had stu- dents incorporate the photographs that students took of the letters "in plain sight" into their writing as drop caps, and students who created cya- notypes in second grade photocopied their compositions and wrote autumn poems in the negative space. They were able to incorporate science, writ- ing, and art into an integrated project. By teaching students to see, we can help them heighten their awareness of their surroundings and increase their sense of observation, both in the class- room and in their everyday lives. Kim Emmerson is an art teacher at Maple Street School and Harold Martin School in Hopkinton, New Hampshire. Nancy Grace Horton holds an MFA in visual arts from the Art Institute of Bos- ton at Lesley University and has been working as a freelance photographer and educator for more than twenty years. N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Presenting: Interpreting and sharing student work. W E B L I N K html

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