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DEC 2014

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Middle School Studio Lesson necessary balance for the overall composition. To do this, the finished snowflake cut can be traced onto another folded piece of paper. Students are encouraged to layer their shapes and experiment with different base colors. I suggest to students that they experiment by moving the shapes around before gluing them onto the background. Some students like to make smaller, layered groups of designs that they can use to experi - ment with different backgrounds construction paper, which will serve as the base for the collage. I like to provide samples of the different types of symmetry that can be constructed, so I show teacher-made examples of a composition balanced in four corners with a different center, a diago - nally balanced collage, and one that shows simple bilateral symmetry. Cutting and Layering A demonstration of how to do "snow- flake" cutting is needed to help stu- dents develop intricate designs. They also need to see how to repeat their designs to create the T he collage process can be a great way to increase middle- school student understanding of the elements of art and principles of design. Often, students who struggle with drawing and paint- ing love the simplicity of form and design possibilities that collage offers. Shape, Symmetry, and Variety Rather than using the rectangle shape typical of most two-dimensional works, students use a square format to allow for a new perspective. Students will also gain a better understand- ing of symmetry and balance within the design process. Shape variety and overlapping within the confines of the square will also be explored, along with repetition and balance. A selection of colored construction paper is made available, in addition to sheets of 12 x 12" (30 x 30 cm) black SQUARING Jane Copp Often, students who struggle with drawing and painting love the simplicity of form and design possibilities that collage offers. CIRCLE the Collen Turcotte. Makayla Heinzeltman. Meera McCarthy. 36

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