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DEC 2014

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embedded in these found materials? • What new ideas can be generated through assemblage and juxtaposi- tion? • What artists use similar materials in their work and why? • What themes, ideas, and problems do artists deal with in their studios? The Iron Chef Approach After students have had a chance to carefully examine their collec - tion of objects, I use an Iron Chef approach to generate ideas. The tele - vision show, Iron Chef is a cook-off wherein resident chefs participate in a timed cooking battle built around a specific theme ingre - dient. Each show begins with an announcer ask - school and community for recyclable/ found materials. Students will soon discover that there are many possibili- ties for three-dimensional art-making that are put in the garbage every day. In addition to mining the school and community for found objects, I encourage students to take an inven- tory of what kinds of materials they have in the classroom and at home. We explore the possibilities of every- day objects, from packaging materials, to unused furniture, to items from the recycling bin. Thinking Critically I encourage students to think criti- cally about their objects by posing the following questions: • What meanings and messages are A common question asked in my elementary art methods course for general classroom teachers is, "What do I do when I get to my school and don't have a kiln?" I respond with, "Are all sculp - tures made out of clay?" Joseph Cornell, Louise Nevelson, Tom Miller, and Brian Jungen are just a few examples of artists who use found objects instead of clay in their sculp - tures. Exploring the work of these art- ists becomes the perfect starting point for exploring sculptures that can be made without a kiln in the artroom. Finding Objects When beginning a kiln-less sculpture exploration with my pre-service stu- dents, I encourage them to search the Aileen Pugliese Castro without a Sculptures KILN Camille. 20 December 2014 SchoolArts All Levels

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