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NOV 2014

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Brush, stamp or stencil. Resist, sgrafto or trail. Use them on wet, bone dry or bisque fred clay. Fire them to Cone 05, 5 or 10. F O O D F O R T H O U G H T T H E V E R S A T I L I T Y O F P R I N T & E M B O S S C U B I S T FA C E S Everything you need to teach ceramics T R A I L I N G PA I N T WA S H S G R A F F I T O S TA M P B R U S H S G R A F F I T O M I S H I M A B A L S A F O A M S TA M P PA P E R R E S I S T Throw of the constraints of realism and learn to create a cubist style portrait using clay slabs, texture and underglazes. Make a display of food traditions from another culture, another part of the world, or from family traditions. Hand tools and clay forming, texture and underglazes. Perfect for creating repeating patterns, images, and designs. Printmaking techniques can easily be transferred into clay with the help of AMACO® Balsa-Foam® and underglazes. With Velvets, the possibilities are endless. 48

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