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Culture PRINTS Elementary Studio Lesson Creating the Image Once their selection was made, stu- dents searched online for images representing their chosen country or culture. I asked them to consider such categories as art/architecture, education/communication, geogra - phy/transportation, games/sports, his- tory/government, etc., when choosing L iving in a diverse city like Honolulu, Hawaii, concepts like ethnicity, nationality, and cultural identity are com - monly explored and discussed. With this in mind, I recently asked my fourth-grade students to choose a country or culture they'd like to rep - resent visually in a print. Janice Corsino images. These images were then printed and arranged into a small col - lage on a 6 x 9" sheet of paper. Preparing the Printing Plate A piece of tracing paper was taped over the finished collage and the images were traced. Once complete, the tracing paper was removed and taped onto a foam printing plate. Using a dull pencil, students trans - ferred the images onto the foam plate. Care was taken to make sure the lines were deep and clear. Any excessive negative space surrounding the images was filled in with designs or patterns (dots, lines, etc.). The Printing Process Small paintbrushes were used to apply printing ink to the various sec - tions of the printing plate. I encour- Kristin, grade four. 36 November 2014 SchoolArts

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