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NOV 2014

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Page 37 of 54 33 Objectives Students will: 1. understand that cultures create fabric traditions that have specific functions within the culture and motifs. 2. features and organization of molas cr 3. create a cut-paper mola with negative shapes, and motifs with local significance. Materials • assorted colors of 9 x 12" (23 x 31 cm) construction paper, including black and red • pencils • scissors • glue using a creature with an easily identi- fiable shape is helpful. Procedures Have students lightly draw the shape of a native animal or other creature on a folded piece of construction paper. Encourage them to fill the space with- out touching the sides of the paper. Students should carefully cut out the folded paper to make two separate symmetrical pieces. Have students place these in a sym- metrical arrangement on a different color of paper. Students should carefully cut these out, leaving a thick border of the second color. This process should be repeated two or more times, using different colors of paper each time. Finally, glue the completed shapes to a sheet of dark paper, leaving some space between the shapes. Repeated shapes and details can be added inside the main shapes and in the back- ground. Nancy Walkup is the editor of SchoolArts and taught this lesson at W. S. Ryan Elementary in Denton, Texas. nwalkup @ It is adapted from Explora- tions in Art (Davis Publications, 2008), Grade 4, Unit 5, Studio Exploration for Lessons 25 and 26, pp. 128–129. N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Connecting: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context. W E B L I N K tion_of_molas Left to right: Traditional mola, artist unknown. Kate, grade four. Alora, grade four.

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