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NOV 2014

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Page 35 of 54 31 Adding Meaning to the Work The final component of the project allows students to express their cre - ativity. Together we look at the work of Surrealists (including many who painted interior spaces) and discuss the juxtaposition of the real with the imagined as one way to add mean - ing to a work of art. Students are then challenged to decide what they want their art to say. They think of a few imagined ele - ments they could add to their realis- tic hallway drawings that might help them convey that message. Hard Work and Happy Results The days spent drawing hallways are some of students' favorite of the entire semester. Not only are they applying what they learned about one-point perspective and practicing their obser - vational drawing skills, they are also focused, motivated, and independent. Students thrive in this environment. One of the most enjoyable and unintended consequences of drawing hallways has been the increased visibility for the art program. While students work throughout the school, peers, teachers, and administrators constantly stop me to ask about the project or compliment my students on their work. By watch - ing students work through the creation process, they are able to witness all the hard work that goes into the projects they see hanging in the halls. Jennifer Hartman was an art teacher at Reynolds Middle School in Prosper, Texas when she taught this lesson. She is now the art teacher at Pecan Creek Elementary in Denton, Texas. jhartman@ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Connecting: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context. W E B L I N K hd_ surr.htm Perspective can be challenging, so I try to find ways to make the process enjoyable and allow for plenty of creativity in the end product. Zach Walker, grade seven, Underwater.

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