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NOV 2014

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Kafka's The Metamorphosis unfolds as a young man wakes up one morning to find that he has been transformed into a "monstrous vermin," otherwise known as a cockroach. In the one-act play, The Metamorphosis, Russian dancer Mikhail Barysh- nikov, acts out the terrifying realiza- tion that even one's own family cannot accept who you are. This results in feelings of rejection as well as feelings of being totally unacceptable. Edward Scissorhands is the story of an artificial man who has scissors for hands because his creator died before he could finish him. Edward feels the tality, and parent-child conflict. His characters seem to experience a terri- fying and mystical transformation. Inspiration To help stu- dents con- nect with the analogy of adolescence and metamor- phosis, I chose three varied resources in which the complex emotions of adolescence are explored: Kafka's The Metamorphosis; the Tony Award- winning play by the same name; and the film, Edward Scissorhands (1990), starring Johnny Depp. alienation of knowing that he is not like others. He experiences the depth of rejection and feels unlovable. Making Connections Discuss these resources with students, emphasizing the realization that there are many challenging aspects of adolescence, to say the least. Topics may include feelings of being unloved, vulnerable, misunderstood, excluded, inadequate, and isolated. Explain that, ultimately, we grow and learn to have greater self-acceptance. We can learn to be less self-judgmental through the discovery of healthy ways to express emotions. Art teachers can be instru- mental in supporting adolescents by providing meaningful opportunities for reflection and self-expression. Art teachers can be instrumental in supporting adolescents by providing meaningful opportunities for reflection and self-expression. 28 November 2014 SchoolArts

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