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4. Create a written proposal for your project. This proposal must contain a written explanation (one to three paragraphs long) that describes your concept, your bookbinding technique, how you will use hand- made paper, and what the layout of each spread will look like. You can embed links and images if it helps illustrate your plan. Site your sources. Jeanne Bjork is an art teacher and depart- ment head at Pewaukee High School in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. bjorjea@ pewauke- N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Presenting: Interpreting and sharing artistic work. W E B L I N K uploads/2/2/0/1/22019648/artist_ book_with_print-hndmd_pper.pdf 9. The concept of the book must be expressed with drawn or painted images, not with lots of words. Sketchbook Requirements 1. Fill a page with writing and list everything you are thinking, then go back and circle three ideas that interest you. What thoughts do these evoke? What images come to mind? Fill another page with written explorations and ideas that relate to this list. How can you develop these into a book design? 2. Divide a page into six-to-eight boxes and develop thumbnails to plan your work. 3. Research the various types of book- binding and artist books using Mrs. Bjork's Pinterest boards as a starting point. You should become an expert at the binding technique you select, doing the necessary research to complete the process. The entire book should be united by a theme of your choosing. Specifics 1. Books must be no smaller than 5" (13 cm) square and no larger than 11 x 14" (28 x 36 cm) per page space. 2. Show that you understand and can apply knowledge of composition, artistry, and concept in your finished book. 3. Work must be detailed and fully rendered in chosen media. 4. Six double-page spreads must be fully illustrated. 5. Front and back covers must be fully illustrated. 6. Your book must be bound using one of the methods detailed. 7. Your book must demonstrate one example of handmade paper utilized in some way. 8. Your book must open and close easily. 37

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