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OCT 2014

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Page 35 of 58 31 into four teams, and each team was instructed to pick one of four themes to represent on their shoes: art, music, action sports, or local flavor. Students began by brainstorming and creating thumbnail sketches, constantly discussing how they would achieve their designs. They worked together on the final con - cepts and decided on what would be included in the final shoe design and painting. Through - out the process, they researched images, referenced photos in art books, and used class - room technology to enhance their research and designs. Using basic materials such as pencils, rulers, per - manent markers, and paint, students brought their designs to life beauti - fully. They worked diligently during class, lunch, after school, as well as at home. An Authentic Experience The results of the contest have not been announced, but regardless of how students do, I am so very proud of them for work - ing on a tight deadline and making some awesome art that the world, as well as our commu - nity, can see. They worked as a group, worked alone, and completed a project with ties to the real world, including real-life problem solving. As with our other synectics projects, students were extremely engaged, because even though I assigned the Vans project, they made it their own, and it was an authen - tic experience that tied into their life and their interests. This is what makes for a genuine art experience that will last a lifetime. Christopher Sweeney is an art teacher and a visual artist at Academy Park High School in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania. csweeney@ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Creating: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work. W E B L I N K We used a variety of materials, ideas, and concepts, worrying less about the elements and principles of art, and focusing on the creativity of the lesson. Music: Aisha Abdul-Malik, grade nine; and Kimberley Dowell, grade eleven. Art: Chantal Diallo, grade ten; India Silmon- Robinson, grade ten; Ta'morra Warren, grade ten.

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