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20 October 2014 SchoolArts Elementary Studio Lesson recent trip to the San Juan Islands in Washington, and was drawn to her highly detailed pen-and-ink drawings, which are done on watercolor paper and painted with colorful acrylics. Dedicated to Conservation Coccia's intricate totem animal images represent the deep love she has A totem is usually an ani- mal or other natural figure that spiritually represents a group of related people, such as a clan. In her animal totem paintings, Sue Coccia is inspired by a deep love for animals and of her Pacific Northwest Native American heritage. I discovered her books on a Linda Sachs Spirited Animals for nature and the earth. A portion of the profits from her book sales is dedi- cated to the preservation of wildlife, and each book's theme represents a group of animals who live in a par- ticular environment or climate. Some of her book titles include Rainforest Critters, Ice Age Animals, and Endan- gered Critters. Drawing from Nature My school's curriculum focuses on drawing from nature, so Coccia's work was a perfect fit. Students began by looking at and drawing animals styled after Northwest Coast totem poles. The meanings of the designs on totem poles vary, but they often depict animal figures and may rep -

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