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34 August/September 2014 SchoolArts the situation—where you were, who was there, what was said. Now, if you had to put a taste to it, what would it taste like? What would it smell like?" Have students start to put form to their feelings. What shape would it be? Would it have huge eyes, multiple eyes, or even no eyes? How about the arms and legs? Maybe their anger does not have arms or legs; maybe it floats around or slithers on the ground. The "why" is an extremely impor - tant part of the process. Ask students why they are creating what they are creating. Why does it have eyes stick - ing out of its head? Why does it have a large mouth with hundreds of teeth? Setting the Stage Setting the stage for this lesson is important so students can connect with the idea of taking an abstract thought and giving it form. Essential questioning is crucial in helping them tap into their personal understanding of anger or annoyance and how they con - trol those feelings. Imagining Start the lesson with the following prompt: "I want you to think of a situ - ation that made you mad. It could be something that happened to you today, yesterday, last week, or even last year. I want you to start to feel it. Think about T here's nothing like entering an artroom full of fired-up students. I recently walked into such a situation, and my first reaction was to comment on students' cantankerousness. This led to a rather one-sided dialogue as students' various irritations unfolded. Little did I know that this interac - tion would set the foundation for our next project, which channeled negative emotions in a positive way. My stu - dents provided me with the opportu- nity to develop a lesson that would help them understand the artistic process of connecting personal meaning with art- making through sculpted "anger pets." Stacy Lord Anger Pets Middle School Studio Lesson

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