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APR 2014

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and presenting artistic ideas and work. Producing in the media arts corresponds to creating/perform - ing/presenting in the other core arts standards. Our articles this month feature the process of producing through augmented reality, digital pho - tography, painting with light, image manipulation, animation, digital fabrication, and more . SchoolArts is eagerly anticipating the upcom- ing release of the entire set of Next Generation Standards. What we teach is worth teaching and worth teaching well. The Next Generation Standards will provide tangible support for qual- ity art education programs taught by qualified art specialists, further making the case for more learning in and through the arts. M y first exposure to David Hock- ney's iPad paintings was sev- eral years ago at the Guggen- heim Museum Bilbao during a SchoolArts trip to Barcelona and Northern Spain. His exhibition filled the museum with both painted and digital art. What I particularly liked about his iPad drawings was that they were displayed on iPads and were animated so that you could see his entire painting process. (Hock- ney calls this "watching myself draw.") Hockney is certainly not the first artist to embrace new technologies, but he has a long history of enthusiastically experimenting with new media. Students today also have engaging and exciting opportunities in this constantly evolving field of media arts that encompasses CGI (computer-generated imagery), video, film, television, digital graphics, interactive design, augmented reality, sound design, and more. The significance of new media to art educa- tors is strikingly evident in the inclusion and emphasis on the media arts by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) in the Next Generation Standards. Recognizing the diversity of media arts as a new mode of expression within arts education, NCCAS has supported the writing of national media arts standards as part of the Next Generation Core Arts Standards Project, the first revision of art standards since 1994. The media arts writing team is creating "a set of standards that will be equal in rigor, breadth, and depth to those of dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, while simultaneously acknowledging that some aspects of media arts can be embed- ded within each of the traditional forms as an enrichment for knowing and understanding." ( In the Media Arts standards, the artistic pro- cess is expressed as producing as a way of realizing Check out my blog at Follow me on Editor's Letter Self-portrait created by Nancy using Fotoflexer. "I thought the iPhone was great, but [the iPad] takes it to a new level—simply because it's eight times the size of the iPhone, as big as a reasonably sized sketchbook . . . Anyone who likes drawing and mark-making will like to explore new media . . . Picasso would have gone mad with this. So would van Gogh. I don't know an artist who wouldn't, actually." —Artist David Hockney on getting his first Apple iPad CoverTOC4_14.indd 3 2/20/14 2:58 PM

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