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R E S O U R C E C E N T E R Books & Websites Children's Book Briefs Leonardo and the Magic Art Cart. Marianne Bickett. Bloomington, IN: Trafford Publishing, 2013. Softcover, 302 pp., $18.30. This book is the first in a planned series of magical encounters with art- ists of the past, present, and future. Mystery unfolds with a cast of char- acters in an elementary art classroom as they learn about famous artists. In a great encounter with Leonardo da Vinci, students marvel at a mystery of time travel and gain the assistance of artist Elisabetta Sirani in returning da Vinci to his own era. Through this art adventure, the children learn about life, connections, loss, letting go, and beginning again. This a well-written art history mystery that many middle- school students can read themselves, but it would also make a great teacher- lead story in any elementary class- room. My Big Book of Art and Illusion. Silke Vry. New York, NY: Prestel, 2013. Illus., hardcover, 64 pp., $24.95. This book opens by commanding readers with the phrase, "Eyes Open, Brain On," and it only gets better from there. The images and activi- ties included actively train the brain to engage with awesome artistic and optic illusions in the world around us. Adults and children who have fun being confounded by their vision will love this book of illusions and other tricks of the senses. This beautiful and enthralling book is a must-have. Reviewed by Sharon Warwick, art teacher at Winfree Academy in Denton, Texas. Bookmarks To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others . Daniel H. Pink. New York, NY: Riverhead Books, 2013. Softcover, 272 pp., $16.00. Are teachers salespeople by nature? According to this book, teachers and almost everyone else are indeed sales- people. Pink explains that everybody at some time or another needs to per- suade other people to exchange one resource (such as time) for another (knowledge). Whether proposing new ideas to coworkers or encouraging students to study, educators are con- stantly selling and motivating when we ask students for their time, mate- rials, or capital in exchange for our knowledge and physical contributions. Each of this book's nine chapters provides readily applicable ideas for day-to-day interactions. Chapters four through nine offer sample cases, and each sample case supplements chapter content with activities that contribute to deeper understanding and addi- tional insights. In the end, Pink proposes two simple but profound questions: (1) Will what you sell improve the buyer's life and will the world benefit from what you sell? Translated into educational terms, the question is, will what you teach improve your students' lives? (2) How will the world benefit from what you teach? These questions alone are worth the time that it takes to read the book. This title is highly recommended as a resource for K–12 teachers and administrators, university students, and college instructors. Reviewed by Pam Stephen, SchoolArts editorial advisory board member and associate professor of art education at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff. Understanding Perspective (Pocket Art Guides . Parramón Editorial Team. Hauppauge, NY: Barron's Educational Series, 2014. Illus., hardcover, 96 pp., $9.99. This straightforward and easy to read handbook for artists and students introduces linear perspective in a step-by-step fashion. One-, two-, and three-point perspective, atmospheric perspective, and the perspective of reflections are demystified and elabo - rated upon so as to direct drawing efforts toward success. Clear instruc - tion and engaging illustrations make the process of drawing an interior scene, a landscape, or an urban scene easy to achieve while inspiring excel - lence. This is a must-have for art teach- ers of middle and high-school students. Reviewed by Sharon Warwick, art teacher at Winfree Academy in Denton, Texas. 50 April 2014 SchoolArts 49_End_4_14.indd 50 2/20/14 3:20 PM

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