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Elementary Studio Lesson relationship to them, I decided that using digital photos would be a great starting point. Say Cheese We began by discussing color and how it evokes certain moods and feelings. We also talked about the way certain colors can remind us of specific events or places. Each student then focused on one color of his or her choice and brainstormed places, foods, smells, sounds, sights, and events that the color personally represented. Each W hen teaching art in a school where the focus is "technology, technol- ogy, technology," it can sometimes be challenging to structure a lesson to fit into a forty-minute class session. However, I find that students love when I integrate digital media into an art lesson, even if I often have to do it in a very simple way. Recently, I have been talking with them about perspec- tive and capturing the world around us exactly as it looks. As I challenged students to think about the world in I find that students love when I integrate digital media into an art lesson, even if I often have to do it in a very simple way. Digital Beth Lynch student then chose one of the things he or she brainstormed to use as a theme in an artwork. With a theme chosen, each student posed in front of a plain background without any props. I captured their images with a digital camera, printed them out, and distrib- uted them to serve as starting points for their artwork. The Way I See It Students laid transparency film on top of their photographs. Using a permanent marker, they traced all the details of the body, chang- ing the details of clothes as desired. I then challenged students to use their knowledge of perspective and size relationships to fill in the space around their figures. The more details they added, the more interesting the works became. Using photographs made students more comfortable when drawing themselves. A World of Color After about two class sessions, stu- dents finished their drawings. To add color, they flipped the transparencies over and painted solid colors within the lines of their drawings. If a mis- take was made, it was easy to wipe it off and start over. ME Continued on next page. 42 April 2014 SchoolArts B_pages_4_14.indd 42 2/20/14 3:07 PM

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