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point-and-shoot camera capable of long exposure settings or a single lens reflex (SLR) camera on "bulb" mode, a variety of lights, and—if desired— props. How to Make a Light Painting To create a light painting, you need a dark space and a tripod or place to hold your camera steady. When using a digital point-and-shoot camera, set it on program mode and put it on a long exposure setting of ten to fifteen seconds. If using an SLR camera, set it on manual, then put it on "bulb" mode, or set to a long exposure of ten to twenty seconds. Set the ISO to 100 and the f-stop to about eight. A remote for your camera is inexpensive and prevents camera shake. Use a variety ing a handheld light source, or by moving the camera. It is easy to learn and does not necessarily require expensive camera equipment. All you need is a dark space, a tripod or place to hold your camera steady, a digital L ight painting is perhaps one of the most magical, memorable, and fun activities that we can do with our art students and our colleagues. This photographic technique creates exposures by mov- Kendra Farrell the World Light Up 24 April 2014 SchoolArts High School Studio Lesson A_pages_4_14.indd 24 2/20/14 3:05 PM

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