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After saving thirty-two images to their computers, students used Adobe Bridge's tools menu to open all of their pictures as layers in a single Photoshop project. They resized all of the images to fit the canvas size and began combining layers in pairs. By making two layers visible at a time, students could adjust the opacity of the top layer to 50%, right-click, and select Merge Visible. Repeating this process through all of the images resulted in sixteen remaining lay- ers. Now, students just needed to repeat the process until the geometric sequence brought them to a single image average. From Dull to Dynamic The result of this process typically featured lots of muddy colors and indiscernible forms. Using the Curves Adjustment Layer, we adjusted the contrast and color balance to create a powerful interaction between the many forms and figures that were fighting for attention in each composi- tion. Students played with the S-curve and quickly saw their images go from dull to dynamic. Finally, we reviewed our prod- ucts. After students decided that the results were to their liking, I seized the opportunity to justify the phi- losophy of abstract art. Even though the images were not literal depictions of the theme they were based on, we could see visual evidence that they represented something in the observ- able world. By making use of this process, students had successfully dis- tilled visual references from the real world. Christopher DeMayo taught this lesson as a student teacher at Union City Middle/ High School with Kris Fontes in Union City, Pennsylvania. cdemayo @ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Students intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes. Daulton, grade seven. 21 A_pages_4_14.indd 21 2/20/14 3:04 PM

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