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Pixelstick The Pixelstick is a new gadget for creating long- exposure light paintings. The device reads digital images created in photo-editing programs like Adobe Photoshop and displ s them one line at a time through an arr f 198 full-color RGB LEDs. The images can be an eight up to 198 pixels tall and man housands of pixels wide, creating huge possibilities for visual effects. EZ Air Painter's Rags EZ Air's pre-moistened, perforated cleaning towels and painter's rags are designed to handle the toughest cleaning jobs—fast. These tough rags can remove dirt, paints, and spills from equipment, brushes, work areas, and hands. Unlike other cleaning products, these rags are environmentall riendl nd contain a unique blend of jojoba oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera. SEA-SAWS The National Galler f Art's SEA-SAWS site is fun for kids of all ages. Select photographs of natural and man-made objects and assemble the pieces to cre- ate a seascape or abstract composition. The "build" tool help ou construct animated characters. Add them t our scene as still objects, movers, rockers, or rollers. Hit the "pl " button to set the scene in motion. Mr. Mark's Removable Wax Off Resist Mr. Mark's Removable Wax Off Resist is a wax created speciall or potters and decorative artists. Wax Off is designed to be painted on like regular wax but can easil e peeled aw , allowing for endless design possibilities and l ering. Amazing Mold Putty Amazing Mold Putt llow ou to quickl create flexible and reusable molds for casting. Blend and press Amazing Mold Putt nto an hard surface, wait two-to-three minutes for the putt o cure, then flex it off to revea our read -to-use mold. Deleter Tone Hera Spatula This eas -to-use spatula is a manga artist's dream tool. Highl unctional, this spatula helps ou smoothl rub and press screen tones onto our manga artwork to make them st n. Staff Picks These favorite products are sure to enhance an artroom! 17 11_18_4_14.indd 17 2/20/14 3:02 PM

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