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MAR 2014

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Exploring Pam Stephens Images by Shannon Sweny-Stephens, art teacher at Samuel Beck Elementary in Trophy Club, Texas. Hundertwasser A ustrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928–2000) created works of art that reflected his deeply held beliefs that we are all stewards of the earth, and, more importantly, that individuals should have opportunities to live and work in aesthetically pleas- ing spaces. Balancing relationships between the nature and the needs of human inhabitants, Hundertwasser's architectural designs and pictorial art- works combine colorful organic lines and shapes that make the art immedi- ately recognizable and engaging. Meaning and Inspiration This lesson builds upon the concepts promoted by the Hundertwasser Foundation and offers ideas for guid- ing young learners towards a deeper understanding of important ideas championed by the artist. Of par- ticular significance is that students respond to Hundertwasser's artwork by finding meaning and inspiration from it, rather than creating in-the- style-of products. Exploring Hundertwasser Place students in small groups, then distribute images of nature. Ask students to describe what they see. Encourage the use of terms such as organic and nature. Point out that nature rarely has straight lines. Distribute or show images of Hundertwasser's art or architecture. Remind students of the vocabulary of 36 March 2014 SchoolArts Early Childhood Studio Lesson B_pages_3_14.indd 36 1/23/14 11:51 AM

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