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ADVERTISEMENT Lesson Goals and Objectives ● ● ● ● Students will create bowls using coil building techniques Students will learn the ancient decoration techniques and imagery design of the Mimbres people This lesson integrates cultural history, art and design This lesson is suitable for 1st graders to adult Visual Arts Standards ● ● ● ● ● Students know and compare the characteristics of artworks in various eras and cultures. Students describe and place a variety of art objects in historical and cultural contexts. Students describe the function and explore the meaning of specifc art objects within varied cultures, times and places. Students analyze relationships of works of art to one another in terms of history, aesthetics, and culture, justifying conclusions made in the analysis and using such conclusions to inform their own art making. 2-3 pounds of clay per student Discuss Mimbres decoration and make silhouette drawings ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 2. Continue making coils and attaching them by scoring and gluing with vinegar. 3. Continue scoring and using vinegar as glue with each added coil. decorate. 5. Add coils until the bowl is approximately 5 inches across by 3 inches high. 6. Smooth coils on inside. 7. Smooth coils on the outside. 8. Smooth and compress rim. 9. Paint white underglaze on outside and inside of red clay bowl and let dry. This step is not needed if using white clay. 10. Cut out sketched design and trace using a pencil (pencil line will fre out). 11. Paint black underglaze using a detail brush. 12. Paint lines using a dagger/striper brush with underglaze. Supplies ● base and begin to attach coils. 4. Smooth coils to attach and to create surface to Planning ● Instructions 1. Roll coils of clay and shape a medallion of clay for the Low Fire (Cone 05) Clay (choose one) AMACO® Sedona Red Clay No. 67 (45131A) AMACO® White Art Clay No. 25 (45015Y) AMACO® Liquid Underglaze (LUG) Decorating Colors LUG-1 Black (41171H) and LUG-10 White (41172W) AMACO® Low Fire (Cone 05) Glaze LM-10 Transparent Matt pint Liquid (39232N) Optional: brent® Manual Clay Extruder (22627H) AMACO® Wire Clay Cutter (11017N) Scoring Tool (11199R) Assorted Brushes Vinegar Sketch Book and Paper Pencils 13. Make sure underglaze and clay is completely dry before fring to Cone 04. A Mimbres decoration bowl could be fnished here. For a functional, food safe bowl, brush LM-10 Transparent glaze onto the bisque fred bowl and fre to Cone 05. EVERYTHING The Art & Creative Materials Institute AP (Approved Product) seal certifes this product to be safe for use by all ages. YOU NEED TO TEACH CERAMICS (800) 374-1600

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