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JAN 2014

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reSource cenTer Book Reviews children's Book Briefs Meet the Masters. Susan Striker. Bloomington, IN: Xlibris Corporation, 2011. Softcover, 112 pp., $61.99. In this curriculum intended for young children, the study of artists is initiated with readings from recommended children's books focused on master artists. Art lessons follow in the form of procedures and examples from the masters, as well as from student artists. The instruction is easy to follow, and there is a large variety of techniques given to foster children's originality and creativity, including simple digital applications. This is a great resource for early childhood and newer educators. Leonardo and the Magic Art Cart. Marianne Bickett. Bloomington, IN: Trafford Publishing, 2013. Softcover, 302 pp., $18.30. This book is the first in a planned series of magical encounters with artists of the past, present, and future. Mystery unfolds with a cast of characters in an elementary art classroom as they learn about famous artists. In a great encounter with Leonardo da Vinci, students marvel at a mystery of 42 January 2014 SchoolArts time travel and gain the assistance of artist Elisabetta Sirani in returning da Vinci to his own era. Through this art adventure, the children learn about life, connections, loss, letting go, and beginning again. This a well-written art history mystery that many middleschool students can read themselves, but it would also make a great teacherlead story in any elementary classroom or artroom. on expressionistic art. This book is a great resource for any art teacher. Reviewed by Denise Clyne-Ruch, art teacher at L.A. Nelson Elementary School in Denton, Texas. Reviewed by Sharon Warwick, art teacher at Winfree Academy in Denton, Texas. Bookmarks Studio Thinking 2: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education. Lois Het- land, Ellen Winner, Shirley Veenema, Kimberly Sheridan. New York, NY: Teachers College Press, 2013. Softcover, 176 pp., $29.95. The Emotional Color Wheel. Eric Gibbons. Bordentown, NJ: Firehouse Publishing, 2013. Illus., softcover, 80 pp., $16.95. This book tackles the often tricky task of taking an abstract subject and breaking it down into a series of wellillustrated, concrete examples. The book moves from descriptions of how line and shape are used to express emotion, to wonderfully complete illustrations of how color can affect feelings. The reader is ultimately guided towards the creation of his or her own expressionistic works of art. A sketch space at the end of the book, with both guided practice areas and blank pages, invites readers to immediately begin their own expressionistic creations. The twenty explorations found at the back of the book could be used by students as a self-guided treasure map to the discovery of selfexpression, and by teachers to design complete lessons or semester units This book proposes that, in an art class, students develop studio techniques, experience commitment and follow through, think in images, express and find meaning, observe, reflect, explore, and develop an understanding of art worlds. The book provides descriptions of the different ways a studio classroom might be set up to encourage active learning, and explains the different studio habits that students engage in that make for unique learning experiences. These components are brought together to explain how the structure of a studio class interacts with studio habits to create spaces for learning. This is an excellent resource for both novice and experienced teachers. The research-based ideas about studio learning have a variety of practicebased examples. In addition, visual art teachers will experience new ways to talk about and advocate for their students and their art program. Reviewed by Jennifer Hartman, a graduate student at the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas.

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