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Elementary Studio Lesson Fairy-Tale Castles Cassie Stephens T a History of neuschwanstein his school year, my students We began with a brief background have been "traveling" the history of King Ludwig II and his countries of Europe. With our castle, Neuschwanstein. Born in 1845, handmade passports and colKing Ludwig became King of Bavaria laged paper suitcases, we've thus far when he was just ventured to France, eighteen years old. the United KingWhen the castles were dom and, in the complete, many students He is sometimes called the "Fairycase of this project, decided to write fairy tales Tale King" for his Germany. of their own to accompany love of fiction and On a real visit their masterpieces. the influence it to Germany, I was had on the design fortunate enough of his castle. In 1864, ground for to tour Neuschwanstein Castle. With Neuschwanstein Castle was broken. its mysterious history and fairy-tale Currently only sixteen rooms out of architecture, I just knew my students more than 200 are complete. Each of would be enthralled. I also thought these rooms is like its own exquisite that they just might like to create a fairy tale. castle of their own. 36 January 2014 SchoolArts article inspiration Knowing the strong connection between this castle and fairy tales, I wanted to include these tales in my castle-building lesson. However, I just wasn't sure how. So I began digging into my files of past SchoolArts articles and I discovered a wonderful lesson plan entitled, "Rapunzel's Tower" by Sheryl Depp ( In this article, Depp discusses how she introduced her kindergarten students to the tale of Rapunzel, then had them create a Rapunzel scene of their own. Depp does a wonderful job of Above: Jackson, grade four. Right: Mason, grade four.

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