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High School Studio Lesson Ceramic Creation Myths Mercedes Faunde W examining creation Myths hat I love about clay I begin the lesson by showing is that nearly every students several works from the known culture has Metropolitan Museum of Art's worked with this encyclopedic collection. One incredible medium. Nature has given example is the Sarcophagus of the artist a material that can be both Wereshnefer. Wereshnefer was functional and sublime. a priest during the early PtolCreation myths are another comemaic period. The sarcophagus mon thread throughout human is decohistory. The incredible imagThe creation of the universe rated with scenes of ery that they has inspired people to create the Sun's inspire in artists stories and art that captivate rebirth is both powerful and journey their audiences. and thoughtthrough the sky. provoking. The The Goddess of the sky, Nut, is at the creation of the universe has inspired center, and below her feet is the Earth. people to create stories and art that As a class, we talk about the Egyptian captivate their audiences. beliefs of rebirth and the afterlife and Ancient Egypt, India, China, how they are represented in Egyptian Native America—all of these cultures art. have created beautiful pieces of art Another example from the Met is that express their beliefs about the The Creation of the World and the creation of the world. The challenge Expulsion from Paradise by Sienese that I present to my ceramics students is to creatively interpret these wonder- painter Giovanni di Paolo. In this painting, the Hebrew God is banishful stories in clay. 34 January 2014 SchoolArts Shannon Hogan, grade twelve, Egyptian Creation Myth.

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