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Jenna M atte t. o, grade eigh Han na Si, gr ade eight. Katiean ne Pe Starting with Body Parts ologically believable poses, they make Students start by creating individual these poses permanent using masking body parts. These body parts are made tape and papier-mâché. The recomusing crumpled or folded newspaper, mended approach is to use paper towwire, and maskels cut into small ing tape. Using squares, then A monster in action is a their drawings as creative, three-dimensional assemble by hand guides, students or brush using study of a monster with each assemble their wheat paste prevery human-like traits, in mixed in a kitchen respective body a position that conveys parts into a naturalblender. This adds looking creature strength but is not motion and emotion. that effectively contoo heavy. Earlier veys the emotion and pose previously experiments with plaster craft and selected. I encourage students to think newspaper were not as spectacular and about how the feet, legs, hands, necks, reliable. heads, and torsos connect. I also After the monsters have been covremind them that the monster must ered with papier-mâché and are dry, be able to balance. students pick one paint color to begin with as a base coat. The standard in Assemblage and Painting our artroom is to use acrylic/latex Once students have successfully house paint poured into small plastic assembled their monsters into physimilk containers from the cafeteria. dley, grade ei ght. It's Alive! Next, students are shown how to apply embellishments and patterns on their monster's skin to create a sense of detail and variety. This pattern making leads into the final phase of the project, in which students are asked to give their monsters personality through props such as hair, glasses, books, and anything that adds charm or communicates an idea. Dianne Blickle is an art teacher at Paxon Hollow Middle School in Broomall, Pennsylvania. natIonal Standard Students select and use the qualities of structures and functions of art to improve communication of their ideas. Web lInk aspx?schoolid=2&cid=274 21

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