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JAN 2014

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Middle School Studio Lesson Li llain Southc t. ott, grade eigh Bella A men, grade eight. monSterS In actIon Dianne Blickle S tudents at Paxon-Hollow Middle School love art. The art program here has long had a reputation for commitment to high standards and hard work. Of the many highly anticipated projects students create, none is more popular, more inspiring, or produces more amazing results than the "Monsters in Action" sculptural study. A monster in action is a creative, three-dimensional study of a monster 20 January 2014 SchoolArts with very human-like traits, in a position that conveys motion and emotion. Students who participate in this project experience a wide range of ideas and notions—artistic, scientific, and affective—each of which is embodied in the final work of art. Studying Motion and Physiology Studies on athletes, actors, and dancers are presented and discussed. Students do multiple anatomical studies in which the natural motion and physiology of the body is discussed and investigated. Students look at, think about, and execute formal studies on the positioning of the body in action poses and certain emotional states. They are then asked to imagine a character or person posed in a particular emotional state and to articulate this physical state in drawings. These drawings guide the construction of the monsters.

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