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JAN 2014

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Bienfang Paper Canvasette Bienfang Paper Canvasette has a canvas-like surface texture that is excellent for use with oil and acrylic paints, as well as with mixed media. Available in ten-sheet pads at 9 x 12", 12 x 16", and 16 x 20". Spoonflower Spoonflower allows you to design, print, and even sell your own fabric, wallpaper, decals, and paper designs. Unlike conventional textile manufacturing, Spoonflower's digital printing method entails very little fabric, ink, water, or electricity waste. This type of printing allows for greater design detail than screen printing, and gives designers the opportunity to use as many colors as they like. All products are printed using eco-friendly, waterbased inks on natural and synthetic fiber textiles. Staff Picks These favorite products are sure to enhance any artroom! GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics This versatile new line of ultra-fluid acrylics flow like ink and are non-clogging. They can be used in refillable paint markers, technical pens, and airbrushes, but perform equally well with traditional brush work, pen and ink techniques, staining and washing, and even pouring directly from the bottle. Available in forty-nine vibrant, intermixable colors. Skutt KilnLink KilnLink is a new cloud-based kiln monitoring system that allows you to check the status of your studio's kilns from anywhere. Simply log in from your computer, smart phone, or tablet to check current temperatures, view a graph of firings, or make sure that kilns are safely off. Users can even opt to receive alerts via e-mail or text. Leaf Tie Cable Organizer Lufdesign's simple Leaf Tie Cable Organizers have one or two plastic leaves on the end, making your cord bundles look like branches. These simple, yet beautiful zip ties are a perfect way to add a little nature to your electronic environment. Several colors available. 13

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