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NOV 2013

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Nancy with fellow collaborators at the "Pride in Place" teacher workshop at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art in Wichita Falls, Texas. Left to right: Mary Helen Maskill, Carol Rose, Pam Day, artist Jeanette Heiberger, Nancy Walkup, Audra Miller, Liz Langdon, and Claire Ross. Editor's Letter B eing the only art teacher in a school— as most of us are—can be somewhat lonely. All the more reason to collaborate! Collaboration can have positive or negative connotations, but when done well, and with contributions from all concerned parties, it is a beneficial and rewarding way to work. Collaborations can be made between multiple cooperative individuals or groups. Collaborative partners can work together simultaneously while in communication, or may not necessarily work together at the exact same time. Collaboration and communication are two of the necessary learning and innovation skills supported by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills for students to be successful in the global economy. In the National Art Education Association (NAEA) Professional Standards for Visual Arts Educators, Standard X is, "Visual arts educators collaborate with other educators." According to this standard, it is recommended that visual arts educators identify topics and art resources that can be pursued in an interdisciplinary manner with other educators while maintaining the integrity of each discipline. This month, we offer a number of stories to encourage you to launch your own collaborations. These include collaborations between Follow me on students and working artists ("Mapping Our Community"), between schools in different countries ("Empty Bowls for Haiti"), and between art teachers and outdoor education teachers ("Meaningful Outdoor Collaborations"), to name a few. Another kind of meaningful collaboration is one in which I was involved this past year between an art museum, a school district, a university, and local artists and it took place in Wichita Falls, Texas, over a six-month period. Funded by a grant from the Priddy Foundation, a doctoral candidate from my university and I worked with the Wichita Falls Art Museum and four local art teachers to develop and present a curriculum guide entitled "Pride in Place," based on the museum's collection and artists who lived in the region. The collaboration culminated in two all-day teacher workshops led by the four art teachers, and included presentations by a number of the artists who were represented in the curriculum. It was a joyful collaboration for all, as we worked together and benefited so much from the generous sharing of ideas and trusting support for each other. The project never could have happened without collaboration, and it was much more rewarding than working alone. And we were never lonely! Check out my blog at

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